Liverpool Hope University – Empowering Today for a Better Tomorrow


With international education growing every year, and with institutions of higher learning mushrooming across various countries, the quality of education is diversifying as colleges are increasing their international student intake. As Indians, the benefits of taking up courses in international locations such as the UK are strategic and immense, both academically and fiscally. It’s also evident that the schools who embrace a more global outlook stand to reap substantial benefits as demand for education increases with demographic changes. All this diversification is leading to increased competitiveness among top universities, and institutions across the globe and the UK, resulting in various options for competing global talents to choose from, and find a successful career path. Liverpool Hope University, a renowned institution has been working rigorously day in and day out to welcome global talent, especially students from India,helping and supporting them to become the capable professionals of tomorrow. Liverpool Hope University, is a ray of hope for budding educational aspirants looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity to excel.

Following a distinct philosophy that’s geared to guiding all its students into finding their vocation and calling, at Hope the importance of ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills industries require has been brought into sharp focus. To enhance student employability, Hope’s overall philosophy talks about ‘educating in the round’ – focusing on the mind, body, and spirit; creating free-thinkers, who are active participants in contributing to the global economy.

A home to a rich history of 175+ years, Hope has a network of international partners, who provide research collaboration opportunities, staff and student mobility platforms, shared service activities and cultural exchange programs as well as supporting recruitment of international students to Hope. These partnerships are a key element at Hope, where the University wholeheartedly places emphasis on the bringing together of research excellence and top-quality teaching, in a tech-informed environment, converting students into rounded and employable graduates who can take their place confidently as global citizens in the 21st century.

Educating with a difference
Ideally situated in the vibrant city of Liverpool, Hope has two beautifully designed main teaching campuses that enjoy scenic backdrops, creating a culture of inquiry among the students. The Hope Park campus, located in a picturesque suburb in the south of the city, enjoys everything from state-of-the-art sports facilities to cutting-edge laboratories. Meanwhile, the city center Creative Campus is Hope’s dedicated hub for the creative and performing arts and is also set in stunning, park-like surroundings.
Hope operates a dedicated International Hub that provides thorough guidance to students coming to the university from overseas, be it – pre-departure information or on-campus counseling. A student development and wellbeing team is also on hand to make sure that international students can reach out for help whenever they want to. On arrival, international students are presented with an Orientation program, which covers British culture, living in Liverpool, and a general overview of practicalities, such as banking and medical needs, as well as academic writing skills and assessment.
Advice is also given by academics and support staff from the library, IT services and the International Hub. “With staff from over 35 countries serving at the University, we are well-placed to provide such insights to help scholars adjust to their new learning environment”, stated Dr. Wendy Bignold, the Associate Dean (International), during a brief session with us, where she took us on a virtual tour of the university, explaining in detail the whole working ethos present at Hope. Continuing with the topic of how students are welcomed with open hands, she stated – “Alongside the Orientation program is a series of cultural and social events led by the Residential Life team in our halls of residence to help students settle quickly and to feel at home in Liverpool”. Through the conversation we also learnt that all the Postgraduate students have a dedicated study space in the library, and access to additional computer softwares, needed for smooth learning experiences. Hope is also dedicated to curating the best of courses pertaining to today’s times, guiding every student towards a smooth career progression.

Ensuring Scientific Literacy
Across all the fields of education taught at Liverpool Hope University, research is a central part of its academic life and vision, sustaining and renewing its intellectual vitality within the staff and student academic community. Having collaborated with a range of external research partners both within the business and community sectors, as well as other Universities both nationally and internationally, the university has key areas of research, including Creative and Performing Arts, Education, Humanities, Geography, and Environmental Science and so on. Subsequently, with a strong research culture at the university, there is a vibrant range of research seminar programs, both subject-specific and cross-discipline, along with encouraging the PG students to attend these as well as the University’s public lecture series.

Additionally, Liverpool Hope University has several training partnerships overseas including a mental health charity in Gambia, several Indian institutions, and a social welfare NGO in Bangladesh. These partnerships facilitate exchange of best practice in both directions. The University also has service projects in India, Uganda, and Sri Lanka, managed by its international volunteering programme, ‘Global Hope’, and works in partnership with local NGOs to identify needs and goals. Students are encouraged to get involved with Global Hope, helping students and staff to plan and prepare to go on projects in their native country. These service projects often provide a springboard for collaborative research of an applied nature, which impacts local development.

All in all, despite these past couple of years acting as a big hurdle in terms of education for Indians or any other international student looking for a dream career abroad, educational havens such as the Liverpool Hope University are a welcome example of how to treat students, pushing them forwards in their career progression. In a guidance filled path, motivating outperforming on all aspects of living and learning, dedicating oneself towards the greater good.

Dr. Wendy Bignold – Associate Dean (International) & Head of Residential Life
A personality with immense experience overseas in Education and Humanitarian Aid, Dr. Wendy began her professional career as an early year’s teacher in England and has since worked extensively in Asia in a wide variety of educational settings, both formal and non-formal, encompassing the full age range of learners. She was Vice Principal of a rural school in Pakistan and helped to set up several schools in isolated villages in the North West Frontier Province. She was a consultant to the Government of Bangladesh on adult literacy and worked for the Aga Khan Foundation, an international humanitarian agency, in Tajikistan, assessing the needs of various education programs in the context of a civil war. She has provided professional development and training for educationalists in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong and led study tours of education initiatives in India.