Manisha Gupta – Creating Lifelong Learners


In the ever-changing educational landscape, Indian Women are compassionately contributing to the country’s progress in every possible way. Also, considering the need for inspiring public figures, during these tough times of the pandemic, women leaders via their thoughtful leaderships are helping students find their niches, in turn, guiding them using their secret mantras of success. While we all know that leadership in education is one of the toughest jobs that requires dedication, determination, and imaginative perceptions, women such as Manisha Gupta are setting examples to fellow women leaders to serve as thorough educationists, unlearning stereotypes, thereby, nurturing a new wave of talents, needed by the today’s society.

Born to Mr. Lohia an entrepreneur and an educationists & Mrs. Indira Lohia, whose legacy of giving back to society is quite well-known, Manisha Gupta actively continues in the very pursuit of building a literate community, making the upbringing she received, as a basis of building a hub of learning and inclusivity. Having been a vital part of 2 of the most premier and oldest schools in the Faridabad region – Vidya Mandir & Vidya Niketan, her vision unfolds the most in Manaskriti – her brainchild, where she uses the aspects of Sanskara (values) & Pyaar (love) through gyaan (knowledge) and allows it to seep deep into every student, providing a robust educational environment filled with opportunities and chances to outperform.

With a clear intent of nurturing deep thinking and self-belief, Manaskriti promotes experiential learning throughout the campus, where Manisha helps students arise natural curiosity, giving equal freedom of expression for students with different views, ideas, and passions. A person of intense gratitude towards life and her family, she owes all her success to her parents and her extended family at Manaskriti. Talking about the importance of family in an individual’s life, she quoted – “I have always regarded family being the nucleus of one’s outward progress, where the stepping-stones for my education were the unswerving ideals of my parents”.

A zealous motivator

As the global education community strove to support students via online methods during the pandemic, Manisha Gupta along with her trusted team of experts, strove towards building an ecosystem for her school family. Without wasting time worrying about the situation, she got herself involved in the generation of employment opportunities, and as an educationist, she effortlessly made sure that education went on smoothly, be it online or offline. Interacting with her teaching staff, and everyone present on the school campus, taking immense continual influence from her mother, she tried her best to cater to all, be it financially or emotionally.

Adapting and guiding others to adapt to the world’s new demands and in turn, redefining Manaskriti’s vision, she stated – “The pandemic became an extension of my vision to empower i.e. a reaffirmation, that hindrances only bring a wave of re-invention”. Taking the year 2020 in a stride of opportunistic moments, she believes that it helped build an all-new interface of extending leadership support to fellow educators, students, parents, and stakeholders. Lastly, being able to mitigate the effects of worldwide negativity with the optimism of perseverance, Manisha confidently took the situation head-on, not being hesitant, in turn, getting equipped with an army of ideas that will always inspire her to be unwavering in her pursuits, now and forever.