Mrs. Aishwarya Nitish – Inspiring All-Rounded Excellence


For an Indian woman, freedom does not just guarantee what the constitution says, but perhaps, it’s supposed to indicate more jobs, opportunities, increased safety, and most importantly right to education and growth. Even though over many years of slow progress, India is right in its pursuit of becoming a gender-neutral country, but there are several factors dotting its path. Ensuring that women stay empowered irrespective of the career or life they are leading, the government is giving in its best, but as responsible citizens, it’s our sheer duty as well to help our country reach its true glory.

One special group of people who are empowering women and society by their contributions towards the educational sector, in turn, converting students into leaders of tomorrow, women educational leaders of today are what the world needs right now. Laying emphasis on many such leaders, who have proven themselves as role models to fellow colleagues and students – personalities like Mrs. Aishwarya Nitish, are dedicating themselves towards uplifting many students, helping them become better human beings.

Coming from a family of national leaders, Mrs. Aishwarya is a firm believer of – “Teaching is the noblest among all professions”. Furthermore, upholding her profession as an educator, she is a person of dreams and aspirations, and thereby, serving NSIT as the pro-chairman, her experiences in administration and management, help guide NSIT to become a progressive institution of today. A constant source of inspiration for all the students at the engineering institute, she is the change maker and challenger who creates active changes in every aspect. Also, at the core of her philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is translated into the knowledge provided to the students studying at NSIT.

 Educating a generation

At NSIT, the main concentration is on developing students in their learnability skills. Thereby, operating as a very vital personality at the institute, she holds responsibility in helping design the curriculum and teaching-learning methodologies. Curating the whole environment towards igniting young minds, students at the college are pushed towards outperforming on all fronts, be it inside the classroom or outside. Facilitating students with the latest infrastructure needed in today’s time, Mrs. Aishwarya is always at the forefront, striving relentlessly to develop and maintain rigorous quality measures.

Simultaneously understanding the duty as educationalists and a public figure, she motivates all the teachers at NSIT to lead students to be out-of-the-box thinkers and innovators. Moreover, when it comes to maintaining the whole system at the institute, Mrs. Aishwarya plays a major part in this endeavor, as she herself being someone who always prepared everyone towards change anytime and anywhere, she preaches the concept of – “Change our approach to reach the ultimate teaching and learning goals, staying in fine-tune with the syllabus, to increase the employability of the students”.

A Computer Science Engineer herself, as an individual, she believed thoroughly in leading a very minimal lifestyle. “The phrase Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, I guess is the slogan that we all must follow during these challenging times.”, stated – Mrs. Aishwarya, enunciating what people have to adapt to, during the current times of the pandemic. Taking these times in a stride to gain and upgrade oneself, she took time out of her busy schedule and tried her best to align and restructure her personal and professional goals. Moreover, making sure that she was always there in times of need for everyone who is a part of NSIT & beyond, she also helped students fight uncertainty with ease and in turn, prepared them for changes to come. Summing the whole episode of the pandemic, she added – “Change is the only unchangeable thing, thereby, learnability, adaptability, and flexibility is the mantra to move forward in order to be ready for a change anytime and anywhere

In pursuit of devoted leadership

My family is my first teacher”, quoted – Mrs. Aishwarya, telling us the importance of family in her life, and how they helped her balance her professional, as well as, her personal life. Additionally, being a completely humble personality, her family affiliations or background never came in the way of her devotion towards helping nurture lifetimes. Also, always coming out as a super friendly and helpful leader, she was always there for her faculty and students in their journeys towards achieving their respective goals efficiently.

All in all, voicing her opinion out about women empowerment, during the celebrated month of International Women’s Day 2021, she summed up the whole conversation by stating – “Idle minds are the Devils Workshop” and, I clearly insist that everyone, both man and woman keep themselves occupied by doing something productive”. Lastly, stating her thoughts on how she looks forward to the world progressing each day, she added – “If one were to look back at their life, there should be an element of productivity and nation-building in it, and we as the citizens of this great country, must utilize our time productively to pursue our very own dreams & goals”.