Mrs. Kangana Yadav – Sincerity filled Success Story


Women leaders have been instrumental in changing the world. From Indira Gandhi in India to Golda Meir in Israel and Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom, the journeys of many such women have been truly inspirational. Taking the whole world by storm, women leaders have excelled in almost every field and domain, in turn, showing their true prowess as good administrators and leaders. Also, considering the field of academics, where women have been pivotal in changing the whole landscape since time immemorial, throwing spotlight on many such women leaders who have dedicated their lives towards the betterment of society, it’s high time they get their due share of credit for making the world a better place. Talking about one such woman educational leader who is a firm believer of keeping your dreams alive, unless and until you achieve them, and a personality of strict conviction and dedication – Mrs. Kangana Yadav, operating as the Managing Director of CERT Group of Institutions, strives relentlessly in delivering tomorrow ready professionals of today.

Involving herself in all-rounded management at CERT, her role pushes her to work on catering towards a collective approach-based growth, where all the stakeholders – including the students, the parents and the staff work together for mutual benefit. Moreover, motivating everyone on the campuses to adapt to the changes effortlessly, learning out of the box is the main aim at the group and Mrs. Kangana is the main facilitator for collective decisions.

Taking care of every discipline at CERT, she regularly takes part in researching and analysing about the current day demands and trends and tries her best to inculcate these points in the curriculum & teaching-learning followed at the group. Furthermore, understanding the importance of industry-oriented learning, she makes sure that every student is motivated towards engaging in industry-based activities – such as internships and projects, in turn, preaching a sense of strong innovation and creativity. Also, preaching a sense of tradition and self-responsibility in every individual at CERT, in her own words, she states – “Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again”.

Actions speak

Considering the current times of the pandemic and having grown personally as a more holistic individual during the lockdown – Mrs. Kangana started to perceive policies for CERT based on the current scenarios. Having moved all the classes online, every class is recorded to enable absent students to not miss out on lessons/curriculum, and under her able supervision technology implementation at CERT reached new heights.

Reminding every person around her to be an architect of their own destiny, she takes up the responsibility of serving society one student at a time, with her philanthropic gestures. Thereby, via the medical college, school and hospital, she pushes students from economically weaker sections of society to take up courses at CERT Group and help them with scholarship and concession programs. Apart from being a capable leader, she also dedicates a good amount of her time to fight for women empowerment – day in and day out, making sure special treatment is given to all the girls on the campuses, in turn, imparting more and more exposure to the girl child, moving gradually towards a gender neutral state. Additionally, she believes that a person has to be judged and given exposure based on their individual calibre, and not based on their gender, caste or background.

A thorough academic from her early years, she has finished her MBA and is currently working on getting her doctorate degree. She has also written a book in Public Sector Reforms and has published 2 research papers. All in all, serving as a prime example of courage and hard work to everyone present at CERT Group and beyond, her compassion and wisdom have resulted in her becoming a household name in the educational sector of UP and she clearly looks forward to continue on the path filled with compassion and humility, steering away from challenges, and always trying her best to come out as a winner.