Mrs. Sandra Shroff – Benchmarking Leadership & Excellence


Quality leadership in the field of education is among the biggest factors ensuring high-quality student learning worldwide. Women education leaders have proven to be successful when it comes to nurturing young minds, women are therefore key to improving education in India and across the world. The proportion of women school teachers in developing countries, including India, has risen significantly in recent years, their participation in school/higher-education leadership is comparatively low due to ingrained negative perceptions as well as several sociocultural barriers. In pursuit of overcoming these male stereotypes and working relentlessly towards a goal of educating for the future of India, leaders like Mrs. Sandra Shroff, have promoted the growth in numbers of young girls taking advantage of every type of higher education and helping them excel in all walks of life, and narrow the gender gap.

A multifarious personality, who throughout her life has taken up challenges irrespective of the difficulty levels involved, Mrs. Shroff is responsible for the establishment of an inner wheel clinic at the Rotary Service Center in Juhu, Mumbai. Always looking towards change and development, she helped start a private company at Vapi, in partnership with her husband. Having done a considerable amount of social work, she continued on this very path by taking up town-building activities which include Gnyan Dham School, Nirmay Hospital which became the Rotary hospital, alongside various colleges and a nursing college. Her contributions in ensuring that Ankleshwar had the infrastructure needs are met which cumulated in SRICT college, she made sure students became capable of contributing to the industry as soon as they graduate.

Operating as the Honorary Chairman at Shroff S. R. Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology (SRICT), Mrs. Sandra Shroff has a clear vision and aim of leading her team and the college, towards a path filled with achievements that go beyond conventional boundaries. Always striving to build a world-class institute that imparts technical education, yet, keeping in mind the Indian traditions and ethics, under Mrs. Shroff’s able leadership, capable chemical professionals and industry-centric are produced year after year.

Redefining motivation & guidance

As we all know, the pandemic was a big disruptor, and the world had to find solutions to get back to normalcy, one step at a time. In this very race, SRICT was not left behind and, thereby, adapted to the new norms effortlessly. Understanding the fact that everything is constantly changing, Mrs. Shroff helped everyone present on the campus of SRICT to expect such situations to come again, and thereby, all the students/teachers were trained to be better equipped.  As soon as the pandemic hit SRICT started working on Distance Learning.

We have been mentoring one on one with students because we believe every student is good if properly guided”, stated Mrs. Sandra Shroff, telling us about how the new-age education setup followed at SRICT, facilitates easy learning curves for all, irrespective of their levels of understanding and growth. Also, involving the entire Shroff family in community building activities which compasses education, women welfare & livelihood, each and everyone has understood the importance of building an inclusive society, and not waiting for the government to do everything, they embark on societal building on a regular basis.

An epitome of women empowerment, Mrs. Shroff along with her fully committed faculty members and an elite team of leaders which include Ashok Panjwani, Mr. Angiras Shukla, Mr. Kishore Surti, and the financial support of UPL, girls are represented across all the endeavors followed at the institute. Moreover, hosting brainstorming sessions with like-minded people of the Technical Committee and realizing the full potential of Chemical utility in the district of Bharuch, students are converted into engineers and technocrats, with strong industry-academia bonds easing the whole process of becoming tech-friendly leaders.

All in all, working towards developing a center of excellence, Mrs. Sandra Shroff, and the whole team of SRICT is giving maximum exposure of industry to students by way of industry visits and expert lectures. Also, by making students fully aware of what industry needs and the opportunities industry offers, students are made to become world ready. Lastly, still having lots on her plate to conquer, Mrs. Shroff has plans to develop a hostel, research laboratories, pilot plant auditorium and is looking forward to achieving a deemed university status in the next 5 years. A firm believer of teamwork, the goals she has set for herself and SRICT seem closer than ever, thanks to her commitment towards building better lifetimes and her passion for educating for a better India.