Nettur Technical Training Foundation – Guiding Skilled Tomorrow


The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed have changed the way we live our lives. For a large part of the workforce, ‘work-from-home’ became a norm while for few, no work and unemployment became a glaring reality. All in all, we as people learnt from the pandemic – the importance of staying up to date with the skills and market trends and demands, such that we don’t become obsolete in this ever-changing competitive world outside. Moreover, this period also saw a drastic rise in education technology, start-ups and various ventures, where people have involved themselves in a rigorous routine of finding the right hubs for upskilling for their growth pursuits. On the other side, quality training institutions have become scarce, under the pressure of the pandemic. Thereby, coming as a literal ray of hope, during these gloomy times of turmoil, imparting quality technical skill training and education for over 60+ years – Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) has been known for its deep transformative experiences since its inception.

Making all its students to grow intellectually, socially and personally, in turn, preparing them for the life of a socially responsible leader cum individual, NTTF has given the nation – academically excellent and brilliant skilled champions and highly successful entrepreneurs, who are brightening India’s future, for many years. Serving the society in the last 6 decades, through 16 training centers PAN India, and also providing alternate employment avenues with decent livelihood impacting over 55000 youth, NTTF has indeed proven as an expert educator, right on pursuit of excellence.

Believing thoroughly in the fact that skilling is the backbone of the nation, at NTTF the whole management puts in their best to match up to the industry standards, focused towards upskilling self-sufficient personalities, guiding them towards bright futures. Also, working in the direction of giving wings to every man’s dream, NTTF has become an epitome of training and ironing out Indian youth, with a clear motive to benefit them, basing the whole operations on a major inclination towards hands on practical training, facilitating easy employability.

Founded in the year 1963 in Nettur, Kerala, the training institute has since then come a long way serving as an active repository of active tech support and knowledge transfer from Swiss Govt and training institutions. Offering various programs at Postgraduate levels, diplomas, post diplomas, and certificate level programs, along with short-term non-formal/vocational programs, all the endeavors carried out at NTTF are employment oriented and highly industry focused.

Associating with the best

Offering the best learning experience to students, NTTF has key associations with leading organizations from the Industry who have expertise in their core domains to provide Industry connected programs to the future leaders. Getting multiple stakeholders in this very platform who play roles ranging from Knowledge partners to Hiring resources of the students on campus, NTTF has associations with many State Govt Skill Development authorities, leading industries who regularly support the skill development initiatives for the needy youth, ensuring that they gain the best possible outcome in terms of employable skills.

Furthermore, keeping all the trainers onboard in-sync with the market demands and updates, and letting them adapt to the new norm of the digital, it is made sure industry experts play a vital role in making sure trainers and the trainees stay connected to the world outside. Additionally, due to NTTF’s active associations with the industry giants, the training institute conducts customized short-term and long-term “Corporate Training” programs in emerging technology skill modules for the young engineers and employees of companies in the automotive and non-automotive verticals.

Serving vocational dreams

Structuring all the training programs in a way that students get the best of both the worlds, be it inside and beyond the course curriculum, students are converted into confident ambassadors, and jobs are made available for those with the right amount of skills and talent. Consisting of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure across all training centers Pan India, NTTF has a dedicated placement cell and dedicated faculty for each stream, who religiously work towards creating opportunities for students. Also, due to the renowned practices and skill imparting techniques NTTF does have a major pool of corporates who hire year-on-year through campus selections.

Motivating all-rounded performances students at NTTF are guided towards outperforming even outside the confines of the training rooms. There are student clubs for technical and non-technical activities, and students regularly take part in several competitions both state and global level competitions and have proved themselves by winning many accolades in several skill sectors and domains. Adding to the list of co-curricular brilliance NTTF has to offer, the institute adapts holistic training methodologies.

Being that hub which understands the needs of the future assets of the society by providing them the best training infrastructure facilities & expert faculties to make learning convenient to all types of learners, NTTF stands out with skill-oriented training programs which are in high demand by the industries. In addition to supplying the industry-trained, tech professionals of tomorrow, NTTF leverages a competitive environment of learning and growth, where there is no space confinement or a boundary, letting students fly free into the world of life-long learning, thereby, touching lives, sustaining livelihoods and impacting the society at large.

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), one among such premier training institutions in the country, offering several skill development programs while contributing to nation-building.

Dr N. Reguraj, the Managing Director of the institution, has been leading the foundation at the forefront as a visionary leader, is ensuring greater heights to it along with the highly competent team of Directors, senior management and a vast base of teaching fraternity across India. Dr N. Reguraj said, “Vocational Education has become part of the National Education Policy – NEP 2020. India’s growth is intertwined with its ability to create a robust system of training the youth to meet the challenges of future global disruptive technologies”.

Lastly, having already set the road-map of the future, NTTF looks forward to its multiple associations with the industry, catering to the ever changing demand, across varied verticals of vocational Diploma, Post graduate, Learn and Earn, Corporate Training and School of Computing Sciences under its umbrella of offerings in the popular technical domains – TOOL ENGINEERING & DIGITAL MANUFACTURING, MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING & SMART FACTORY, ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING & EMBEDDED SYSTEM, COMPUTER ENGINEERING & IT INFRASTRUCTURE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & DATA SCIENCE, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS, PRODUCT DESIGN & ENGINEERING, TOOL DESIGN, MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, ETC. Furthermore, digitization and Industry 4.0 playing a major role to all the technological advancements of today, NTTF is being recommended and by the looks of it – will continue to be so, operating as a global scale launchpad for successful careers, be it producing quality entrepreneurs or future trained work force.

Dr N. Reguraj’s vision for NTTF for the next 10 years:

  • NTTF to become globally recognised Vocational Education Provider.
  • NTTF to go beyond the shores of India and establish its centres in ASEAN and African regions.