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There is universal agreement that the world right now is diversifying, and its student body is faced with challenges they never came across before. From canceling exams to exams being held online, there have been true times of uncertainty revolving around us since the time pandemic struck us. We also learnt that diversity must come along with social good, and self-interests towards a better tomorrow can only help nations, and the world at large thrive, irrespective of the scenario outside. Thereby, talented students growing into capable professionals cum business leaders, who will be making policies and innovating and recreating is the need of the hour. Additionally, hubs of education who are continuing the path of converting students into tomorrow’s leaders growing by number each day, are clearly helping India become a global educational leader at a very rapid pace. One such institute which from the day of its inception has focused thoroughly on Outcome Based Education, striving relentlessly to meet the demands and trends of the business world – NSB Academy has been shaping “T” shaped managers who have a broader understanding of the business with a deep understanding of their functional areas.

Also, in the time where all the MBA graduates of today are expected to be flexible and possess the abilities of good leadership, cross-cultural knowledge, and openness to collaborate, at NSB creative and hyper analytical managers are produced each year. Involving industry experts in the whole process of curating the best in-house business management curriculum, internationally acclaimed academicians too actively take part in the program design and delivery process. International exchange programs are also made available for the onboard students, where they get excellent opportunities to go abroad and be a part of many international academic institutions. Furthermore, putting in place an ‘action-packed’ program to make the management education more industry-compliant, global and meaningful, the b-school has been very successful in creating a robust program which is conceptually intensive, industry relevant, global in character and stood-out from the crowd.

Scoring very high in its innovative pedagogy and quality of delivery, NSB’s focus on theory of Andragogy (which emphasizes that adults learn best when they are in action) and multicultural learning environment has brought in broader conceptual understanding and internalization of learning. In addition, there are many industry oriented certification courses like Advanced Excel, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, ERP, Internet of things, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and so on, made available for all, envisioning towards equipping students expertise in general and specific areas of interest for better corporate careers.

Real-time opportunities galore
Consisting of one the best academicians having led the parade of the onboard faculty members at NSB Academy, varied teaching methodologies get implemented on the b-school campus. Going beyond mere classroom lectures and understanding the fact that the students are adults and learning happens the best when it is action-based, multiple techniques facilitate effective learning at NSB. Also, NSB`s teaching methodologies are at par with other premier B-Schools and it offers a variety of pedagogical approaches, such as – Case Method, Learning from Peers in Group, Learning via Simulations, Experiential Exercises, Field Learning and many more. Strong & capable personalities develop at NSB, who have a broader vision about the horizon of their respective interests, and thorough with general business concepts and methodologies.

“Irrespective of which road you take, you must reach your destination on-time”, and thus, at NSB every endeavor carried out is outcome oriented and pre-determined towards early success”, stated – Dr. S. R. Sridharamurthy, the Founder President of NSB. Letting us and budding management aspirants know – how NSB gives in its best towards inculcating their students the aspect of remaining undeterred and objective-oriented, the Founder President gave us a real-world view into the working ethos present on the b-school campus. Being a complete digital-friendly educational hub helped NSB overcome the pandemic in a stride and adapt to different approaches and mindsets. Adding to this very point, Dr. Sridharamurthy stated – “Frankly, NSB thoroughly enjoyed this transformation, albeit it was complex”. Furthermore, the b-school was also completely successful in training the faculty members to become ‘professional online learning facilitators’ to ensure seamless experiences for one and all.

Catering to the right minds via the right methods, NSB has been an active participant in the information revolution. Also, being privileged to be located in the tech hub/startup city of India – Bengaluru, NSB has become a space for strong teacher-student interaction and relationships. To achieve this, NSB has a right mix of people with Doctoral degrees and enviable industry experiences. Both these groups exchange their views on theoretical frameworks and possible ways in which it can be taught in the classroom as a practice. Accordingly, the teaching has been transformed, enabling our onboard teaching fraternity to become ‘skill-enablers’ who focus on practical approaches to learning, which also gives all the students a more ‘hands-on’ capability, all in all, reducing the industry-academia gap in the years to come.

Not only does the b-school have the best industry relations and connections, the b-school is also a hotspot of nurturing entrepreneurial journeys. Having ties with Global Shapers community, World Trade Organization, National Entrepreneurship Network and also a team of Entrepreneurs to mentor/shadow our budding entrepreneurs, NSB has a well-coordinated Entrepreneurship cell (E-Cell). Thereby, members of the E-cell not only promote entrepreneurial spirit among students but also provide end-to-end support to launch their ventures. E-cell takes the onus on it to equip the budding entrepreneurs with all the know-how pertaining to their project and even incubate the same by providing necessary financial assistance.

Lastly, having the best infrastructure, both – physical as well as ICT-enabled, the beautiful campus and infrastructure is coupled with ‘next-generation learning tools’ which motivate towards achieving desired tangible outcomes. “Also, with NSB progressing each day in pursuit of becoming that place where business education is driven by holistic approach and value education, we are all trying our best to make every part of our b-school completely market-oriented and tglobal”, summed up the Founder President, concluding the whole virtual walkthrough of the NSB Academy.

Dr. S. R. Sridharamurthy – Founder President
A man with 25 years of entrepreneurial, administrative, consulting, teaching and research experience, Dr. Sridharamurthy specializes in International Business, Cross-cultural Management & Corporate Strategy. He holds PhD in Management from VIT University and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA. His work experience spans across government, MNCs and Private sector. He has rich experience of serving in academic institutions; Ohio-Manipal School of Business (Assistant Director), Acharya Group of Institutions (Director of Corporate and Public Relation) and Bhavan-SIET Institute of Management (Director). Also, Dr. Sridharamurthy has extensive national and international teaching experience across many B-Schools. He has taught and delivered lectures at various global business schools such as Ohio University (USA) MBA Program, ESC-Pau Business School (France), The University of Deusto (Spain), St. Mary’s University College MBA Program (UK). He has been endowed with many prizes, awards and accolades. While he has been awarded the University Gold Medal for outstanding performance in Graduate study, he has won many best management faculty awards across B-schools. He is also the recipient of Shiksha Bharati Puraskar by All India Achievers’ Foundation.