NSHM Business School – A Stimulating Destination of Learning & Growth


Living in an era, where staying up to date with the market trends and demands is a must. An education in which an individual gain in terms of overall development, rather than just becoming a specialist in one field is the need of the hour. Also, considering the current change in trends across the globe, and the immense demand for trained and abled individuals who can lead organizations and institutions, an education in the field of business management is gaining momentum each coming day. Moreover, with India being the 2nd largest country in terms of the educational landscape, business schools and colleges have emerged from literally every corner of our country, aiming towards creating leaders of tomorrow. One such institution which stands out when compared to its competitors, and yet strives relentlessly towards serving society by creating management professionals of tomorrow – NSHM Business School, aims at becoming an epitome of quality management teaching and learning.

With a clear vision of delivering innovative education in the process of giving back to society industry-ready professionals, researchers, advanced learners, educators, and entrepreneurs, NSHM b-school is a haven for experiential learning. Being a place where information and unregulated ideas flow freely in an open and friendly environment, global excellence is preached in every corner of the b-school. Focusing heavily on hosting programs that boost employability in every student, every lesson/curriculum followed on the campus is curated by the best from the industry and the academia, in turn, guiding successful futures.

A complete knowledge-based campus-based out of Kolkata & Durgapur, NSHM leverages the best, thereby, enabling everyone present on the campus to try out something new and engaging. Furthermore, consisting of exceptional facilities and continuously working towards growth and development, new models of learning have emerged at NSHM b-school, resulting in higher student engagement, improved faculty productivity, and greater career opportunities.

Driving innovation & excellence

Recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the field of management education in West Bengal, NSHM believes that there are 2 predominant requirements of an MBA Holder today, namely – personal meta-competencies, and professional ability-based competencies and skills. Basing the whole concept of teaching and learning to better these requirements in individuals, core knowledge competencies are boosted with the help of the up to date curriculum and the pedagogy. Not only focusing on aspects of inside the classroom growth, NSHM proves itself to be a flag bearer of interpersonal skill development and emotional intelligence.

Coupled with high-quality holistic curriculum and the support of high-quality teaching and a student-centric philosophy, critical to success in MBA education, NSHM Business School boasts of a faculty who are known and respected globally. Acting as mentors rather than just faculty members, the onboard teachers help build strong mentor-mentee relationships on the campus, pushing students to outperform when compared to their peers from other b-schools and institutions. “Backed by new-age learning and teaching methodologies we ensure that our pedagogical delivery is tailored to suit our students’ diverse learning styles”, stated – Prof Alok Satsangi, the current principal of NSHM b-school, talking to us about how intricate and focused the whole teaching environment is at the b-school.

During a brief conversation we had with the principal Prof Alok and Dr Marisha McAuliffe, the chief of academics and quality systems at NSHM b-school, we posed as budding management education aspirants and tried our best to ask them relevant questions pertaining to the demands and needs of today’s students. Taking us on a virtual cum verbal tour of NSHM, both put in their thoughts of how NSHM is progressing towards being listed as one among the top b-schools in the country, and how the students at NSHM are uniquely positioned towards success filled futures.

In order to become a center of innovation & research brilliance, over the years of its existence the b-school has navigated the changing complexities of working and thinking of a global business space, and inculcated those reforms in the day to day activities followed at NSHM b-school. “All thanks to the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure available, students gain the most of these facilities and amenities by involving themselves thoroughly in research and innovation endeavors, effortlessly”, stated Dr Marisha. She added to her earlier statement talking about how the b-school helps all the students navigate successfully into the business and leadership world, by stating – “Our philosophy of business education is underpinned by three principles, and embedded within each of those principles are research and innovation, high quality learning and teaching, and global industry engagement activities.

 Fulfilling the demand of agile thinkers

Regularly producing relevant graduates, who are intense thinkers and planners, a wide array of courses is being offered at NSHM b-school. Be it undergraduate courses in Business Administration or MBA in up to date streams like Business Analytics, the b-school considers the current scenario and subsequently alters the course structure and curriculum. All the graduates of NSHM b-school are prepared towards staying relevant to the current issues, such as Business Transformation, and accordingly are moulded into young dynamic management leaders.

All in all, benefiting majorly from the inclusivity and positivity felt across the b-school, students are guaranteed a growth curve in their respective lives, not compromising on the scenario or crisis situations outside. Moreover, taking situations like the current pandemic of COVID-19 in a stride, NSHM emerges as a leading player in delivering quality higher education and supporting varied career pathways. Lastly, due to the existing connection with the industry, all the students gain from this by getting the right exposure well beforehand, in the form of internships and placement training. Also, putting light on the ongoing research and understanding of business and BT, revolutionary technologies and processes are being curated at the b-school, just on time for leaving a positive mark in the field of management education, providing a transformative educational experience both inside and outside the organisation.

Prof Alok Satsangi – Principal

A personality with a blended experience in academics, research & leadership experience, Prof (Dr) Alok Satsangi believes in providing
quality education through Innovation in the existing education system. An MBA holder with specialization in Marketing and HR, MPhil in Disaster Management, PGDDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management) and a PhD in Stress Management, Dr. Satsangi has a rich experience to his credit. Through proper management of resources he held numerous roles of distinction such as – Vice President – Corporate Relations & Marketing and Associate Professor at NIILM School of Business, New Delhi, as Associate Director, Delhi Business School, Registrar with NIILM University, Haryana, Campus Head with Indraprastha College of Advanced Studies (IPCAS), New Delhi, Director at St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi and Director with Asian School of Media Studies, Noida. Both articulate & erudite he has authored numerous books, refereed International journals and Research Papers in both National and International forums. As an individual His core competencies lie in Team Management, Strategic Planning and implementation, corporate tie-ups, Relationship Management and Problem Resolution.