Podar Education Network


India being the home of traditional schooling since ages, due to the latest changes in technologies and teaching methods across the globe, creative/skill-based learning is on the rise and schools are changing their ways & routines on a regular pace. The learning environments in the schools are more competitive than ever before, and parents are in a constant search for a school that makes their children into abled individuals, ready to face the outside world. With a prime purpose of building young minds of today into spearheading dynamic personalities of the future, Podar Education Network is the silver lining to the complete schooling experience a child would prefer for his/her academic endeavors.   

Known for giving to its students, roots to grow and wings to fly, Podar Education Network is known for staying envisioned towards providing quality education with a focus on development, that is in sync with the needs of the individual child. What started as a single institution under Sheth Anandilal Podar is now a multi-school, multi-city, multi-brand entity, ambitiously working towards building an institute of global standards.  

Headquartered in Mumbai with 10 schools, Podar Education Network is an ever-growing network, which has a wide spectrum of brands including pre-primary options, Primary, and Secondary schools, a Junior College, Part-Time Courses & Teacher-Training courses. At Podar you can pick from a wide choice of educational streams including CBSE, ICSE, Secondary School Certificate (State Board), IGCSE (Cambridge) & International Baccalaureate (IB). With excellently recruited teaching team as well as the immense importance technology is given at the school, Podar has managed to achieve laurels in the education field. 

Providing Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly

A Network that has always let its students explore their hidden talents, Podar Education Network promotes practical knowledge imparted through Field Trips and technical skills are harnessed through Robotics. Also, in every school under the Podar Education Network, the teaching-learning approach is always skill based. “Four-fold skills of language – listening, speaking, reading and writing, crucial to a child’s early development, are achieved through engaging and interactive fun activities and creative TLMs”, shared – Mr. Giridhar Reddy, the Principal of Podar International School. Continuing on his above statement he shared – “We teach life-skills, through our theme based programmes such as – IEC, Inclusive Education Cell –includes initiatives like – ‘I have self-respect’, ‘Being Independent’, ‘Growing Up’, ‘Master Chefs’, ‘Money Matters’, ‘Being Mindful’ ‘I am a good citizen’, ‘I value time’. And yes, ‘We Practice What We Preach’”. 

Understanding the importance of creating well-rounded and capable individuals of tomorrow, at the Network students are pushed towards working together via collaborative efforts, problem solving modules and communication building techniques. With the multidisciplinary approach, various subjects at all the schools integrate visits to Municipal Corporation, NGOs, Welfare Office, banks and many more, which in turn, enables students to understand the needs and plans for changes required.

In the Podar Education System it is believed that well-educated students not only do well in life but also contribute to nation-building. Thus, practical learning is achieved through doing things and is based on real-life undertakings and tasks. There are different laboratories like Biology, Chemistry and Physics, where the students get exposure during their science classes in the labs. Moreover, learning outside the classroom help teachers create enthusiasm for learning, provide a real-world context and expose students to a range of STEM careers. Also, through these efforts, students start learning practically at a very early age with various activities such as playing out-door and indoor activities, creating models and structures, even by observing things in their surroundings, etc. 

Technologically Advanced – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Podar Education Network  endorses and promotes technology in every aspect of teaching and learning. The use of technology in teaching is strongly emphasized, with state-of-the-art computer labs and interactive boards installed in classrooms, the whole schooling experience is given an all-new definition. Not only are the students trained towards staying in-sync with the changing times, even the teachers are motivated to keep upskilling themselves. Through the ‘Podar Innovation Center’ which is the resource center with subject experts, all the schools of the network conducts regular training to keep the teachers updated with new global trends in education. There are different platforms like department meetings, where teachers meet and exchange their ideas and thoughts, discuss methodologies, and develop content to stay in-sync with new trends or changing times. Be it – Peer teaching or even Micro and Macro teaching, through these platforms teachers learn to review their own performance, and act accordingly.

While on one hand the Pandemic had created learning gaps, on the other, it helped revolutionize the classroom by bringing in audio-visual material and endless resources. Through perfect planning of resources and modifying the methodologies, Podar Education Network learnt to cope up with the phase shift, adapting to effective Lesson plans and Timetables. Adding a point on this, the Principal exclaimed – “This pandemic has prepared us for drastic change. We have our ‘new normal’ in place”.

Lastly, emphasizing on the most talked about topic for a school or an educational hub in the Indian Scenario – NEP 2020, the Network and all its schools carefully have adopted all the rules and regulations as per the guidelines laid out by the Govt. Being already a hub that had a strong student teacher ratio clearly helps teachers concentrate on each kid better and at the same time, a student can also learn better. Podar Education Network through its strong and effective learning management system called Loop Learning for students, parents and students, facilitates easy communication with each other. 

Mr. Giridhar Reddy – Principal

A Strategic leader & a dynamic professional offering with nearly 20 years of experience in successfully spearheading the entire functions of school administrative duties, Mr. Giridhar Reddy is currently associated with Podar International School, Latur. As the main person in-charge he Manages general administrative tasks, documentation, staff training, recruitment, budgeting, stakeholder management, child development, and counseling. Also, all thanks to his excellence in driving multidisciplinary education that shares the values of high-quality teaching, he has so far counseled and coached teachers on pedagogy & classroom management, assessments for Maximizing existing and future business capabilities of the teachers through identification of short/long-term organizational gaps.