Cover Story : Reva University Creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge


A man with exceptional architectural brilliance, Dr.P.Shyama Raju came to Bengaluru with the intention of pursuing his dream of highlighting his passion and zeal towards the construction industry. His attention to minute details, expertise, and farsightedness enabled him to stand tall against strong competition. In this process, he founded DivyaSree Developers. DivyaSree developers rose to become one of the top construction companies of South India and under the able leadership of Dr. P. Shyama Raju, DivyaSree Developers took up various projects and initiated acts such as IT parks, residential developments, infrastructure projects, and built-to-suit campuses.

With the expansion of DivyaSree developers and the changing landscape, Dr. Shyama Raju’s desire to help and contribute towards the society arose at the same time. His late wife, Mrs. Rukmini Shyama Raju dreamt of establishing an educational institute, which provided quality academics for the masses, as she believed that academics is the most important thing in life and thus Dr. Shyama Raju fulfilled her dream by establishing Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust (RECT) to promote and conduct development activities in different fields of education.

Under RECT and as a philanthropic gesture, Dr. P. Shyama Raju founded the REVA Group of Educational Institutions and took up the mantle of being the Founder and Chancellor of REVA University henceforth, when the trust was invited by the Karnataka Government in the year 2012 to start a university. Dr. P. Shyama Raju’s hard work and dedication has made REVA University one of the premier universities in the world and still continues to give back to the society by producing quality graduates in terms of academics and human ethics. As of now, REVA University offers 32 undergraduate programs, 24 full-time PG programs, Ph.D. programs in various disciplines and several certificate/diploma programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts.


In a time where there are regular changes in emerging trends in education and specific demands from students, every other college promises to offer students the right springboard towards excellence, but only a few colleges, actually fulfill their promises. Bearing this in mind, REVA University believes the demands of the students and the market can be fulfilled by – “understanding the needs of the youth today in a digital world”. At REVA University, classrooms are ICT supported, wherein faculty and students can access material online. There are smart classrooms set-up, which are completely digitalized with projectors, Moodle and lecture capturing system to preserve paper. Notes and assignments are distributed amongst students through Moodle. Lecture Capturing System is used to capture lectures of faculty members that can be used by the students to learn and relearn. REVA has an efficient ERP system in place, which sends SMS alerts regarding the attendance of students and other important notifications to their parents. The entire campus is a Wi-Fi enabled campus, which has benefit to the teaching-learning process.

Faculty of REVA University play a major role in helping students and the University achieve excellence. The learning is made experiential and project-based. Few unique ways of adding value to the pedagogy at REVA include, flipped classrooms, collaborative and cooperative learning to enhance interest of students in the classroom, regular assignment based course-work and project work, adds a tinge of effectiveness to the quality of learning, the students are consuming.

The students at REVA are motivated and encouraged to – “THINK OUT OF THE BOX”, and are made to pay attention to topics beyond the classroom and have hands-on-experience. The various labs and workshops, which are of state-of-the-art standards, enable a smoother teaching-learning process.  Students are encouraged to use the digital resources on campus and libraries to add to their wealth of knowledge. Skill-based courses are a mandate and all students compulsorily go through these skills-based modules.  Industry-academia interactions periodically are shuffled into the main course of the programs and students go on various industry visits apart from an active internship program.

With REVA’s strong focus being on research, several research studies and projects have taken up by various schools. The students and faculty members have come up with innovative ideas and products that are beneficial for society. REVA students have invented REVA E-notes Android App, REVA News Feed Android App, REVA Bus Tracker, and many more.

The core of learning – Good Educators

REVA University believes in the concept that, “Great Teachers make Great Students” and thereby, the university does not compromise on the quality of teachers they bring in on-board, in the process of creating quality human beings, who excel both academically and ethically.

In higher education, the teachers have several tasks to complete that include imparting subject knowledge, creating an encouraging learning environment, enabling students to express creativity, monitoring progress, and the list goes on. Hence, teachers should be those who are enthusiastic, responsible, willing to take risks, committed, and enhance teaching methodology based on the requirements. Consequently, REVA University looks for an educator/mentor who has qualities of being a good mother first before being a good teacher. The teacher has to be good at providing the students with updated knowledge or expertise, exhibit enthusiasm as a teacher, spread and preach positive attitude towards the society, maintain a mentoring relationship with students, while giving proper guidance and the right amount of emotional support.

The journey of learning towards success

REVA University in its path towards becoming an innovative university and in order to match the international standards of education, while guiding students to a brighter future, the University, with the great assistance of trained and experienced academicians and scholars spent a quality amount of time on creating a well-designed curriculum for every program offered by the university. The quality education offered at REVA has created waves among various organizations and as a result, gets honored with rankings and awards in various categories, every single academic year.

The award-winning curriculum of REVA University is designed in such a way, that it imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge equally, making them industry-ready. At the University, the students are encouraged to take a proactive approach towards learning and educating themselves, making unparalleled facilities available to them, meanwhile enriching and fulfilling their theoretical, as well as practical hunger of knowledge, pertaining to their subjects and well beyond.

After achieving sufficient subject knowledge, the next step in today’s youths’ life, is to enter the best corporate company and create a unique yet successful career path that would take him/her to the heights of the corporate ladder. To train their students to be successful leaders of tomorrow, REVA University launched REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE), with tailor-made corporate training programs to train students, entrepreneurs and corporate employees. With the help of RACE, REVA University with the help of industry experts developed and curated specific training methodologies for students, benefiting them to inculcate relevant industry and leadership skills.

To encourage the entrepreneurship aspects in students, UIIC (University-Industry Interaction Center) and REVA NEST of REVA University conduct various innovative managerial and entrepreneurial activities regularly. To enhance the employability skill sets of the career aspirants, systematic training and internships are organized by the training and placement cell of REVA. The 3600 training programs are designed to meet the global industry standards and help the student to gain insights for a successful career.