School of Engineering, JIS University


Technology is more than just putting parts together. It’s the process of unique ideas, testing principles, and perfecting engineering, in pursuit of inventing or innovating something beneficial to society. But, engineering for an Indian Student is all about mugging up, being the topper, and getting placed. The reason behind this is the low quality of engineering studies offered to the scholars. Even though engineering consists of fascinating subjects, the teaching, and therefore the interest levels put in by the teachers and the management convert it into a dull and boring stream. Thus, striving towards reviving the concept of what engineering really means and how it is meant to be carried forward – JIS University’s School of Engineering, has come out as a new-age tech-hub for new courses, new ideas, and new professions.

A vital part of the JIS Group of Educational Initiatives – the largest educational conglomerate of Eastern India with 37 Institutions, 170 programmes and 39,000 students, JIS University was established in February, 2015. The University has a mission to be one of the top class universities in India and a preferred destination for students, research scholars and faculty members alike. Students aspiring to study in JIS University can be assured of quality education as all courses are duly accredited and affiliated. 

The School of Engineering under the JIS University has great things planned in its journey towards imparting quality engineering education to all its students. Hosting only well-established individuals who themselves are professionals in both academics and industrial-expertise lead the parade as the onboard faculty, all the endeavors carried out have strong inclination towards research. The tech institute offers UG B.Tech programs in Computer Science and Engineering across specializations such as AI and ML, Cyber Security, Data Science, and Embedded Systems and Robotics, along with M.Tech. program in Data Science and Digital Transformation, supported by a strong Ph.D. program.

The School of  Engineering is especially known for its valued collaborations with premier foreign universities with an aim of providing various opportunities like faculty and student exchange, student internship, and conducting joint training programs. The School also has close associations with the Institute Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to ensure the standard of education and services.

Redefining Educational Excellence

Basing its whole teaching/learning setup on a complete flexible curriculum which incorporates interdisciplinary courses as electives, the Tech Institute also hosts online MOOC courses from the Swayam NPTEL platform as discipline electives. All thanks to the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities and amenities present on campus, students get the finest of industrial exposure through immense practical training in both Software and Hardware labs. “Our prime focus  always is on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research that can provide students with high-quality educational opportunities, while also helping them be prepared for the various challenges that lie ahead of them”, shared Prof. Indranil Sengupta, the Vice Chancellor of the JIS University. Continuing on his above point, and stating on how JIS University motivates all-rounded learning curves, Prof. Sengupta added – “To Promote skill development among students, we have started the SkillX program with the objective of providing the best opportunity for skill growth and expertise”.

All the programs offered at the School utilize Cross-disciplinary research aspects, making creative projects and research mandatory for the students. In this approach to learning, JIS University is involving technology to allow responsiveness to student needs, which transcends the conventional divisions between disciplines. “Through these cross-disciplinary facilities, we enable faculty and learners to explore clear and relevant links within, across, and outside of the curriculum”, stated – Dr. Sengupta. Also, through this Q n A session, the Vice Chancellor spoke about how the Tech Institute as a means of reciprocative measure, offers elective courses for other disciplines like Management, Pharmaceutical Technology, Remote Sensing, Biotechnology, and many more.

Moreover, the research program at JIS University is guided by strong and elaborate Ph.D. regulations, with admissions to the Ph.D. program being conducted two times in every academic year. A number of facilities such as – PARAM-Shevak supercomputing resources and in-house cloud computing infrastructure, Well-equipped computing laboratories with adequate computing resources, Fellowships for candidates wishing to pursue full-time Ph.D. program, collaborations with top institutes such as IIT Kharagpur, attract quality researchers on the campus of the School of Engineering.

Beyond Regular Engineering

At this engineering haven which has excelled in out-of-the-box education, research, entrepreneurship, and technological services to both industry and society, only up-to-date knowledge is imparted on to the students. Not only does the management nurture hidden innovators and creators in the students, they are also carved into well-rounded engineers who are also good at co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Also, for the overall holistic development of the students, different student-centric clubs such as the Photography club, Environmental club, Science club and many more have been started, hence covering various facets of human development. 

Furthermore, at the School of Engineering Training, Placement and Career Guidance occupies key positions as the image enhancing and brand building of the University. The JISU Training & Placement cell inculcates career guidance, student development, entrepreneurship initiatives, internships and placement activities for all round betterment of the student community. Additionally, Summer & Winter Internships are part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to acquire exposure in the industry accordingly. Also, the Training & Placement Cell works as a facilitator providing a launch platform to the career aspirants of the university. 

Entrepreneurship too is equally emphasized, as the University believes in an education that boosts entrepreneurial vigor, targeted towards right innovation and growth. Thereby, with an Idea-o-meter program, students present their ideas and have the opportunity to get financial assistance to develop ideas into businesses. The University also helps in funding IPR where employees and faculty members share their ideas. It has had a clear entrepreneurial vision since its inception and expanded new business opportunities with its innovative entrepreneurial efforts in the educational field, dairy farm, steel factory, film industry, and many more. “All of these demonstrate our strong entrepreneurial vision and focused notion that benefits society as a whole”, concluded Prof. Sengupta. 

Loans and Scholarships

JIS University provides scholarships schemes to the needy yet meritorious candidates depending on the grades achieved. Various GOVT scholarships (including student credit card scheme) can be availed along with a few internal scholarships as well. Few of the scholarship schemes available at the University are – Sumedha Scholarship and Swami Vivekananda Scholarships.

Prof. Indranil Sengupta – Vice Chancellor

Prof. Indranil Sengupta heads JIS University as the Vice Chancellor. He joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur as a faculty member in the year 1988, and is a full Professor there. He had been the heads of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Information Technology at IIT Kharagpur, and also the Managing Director of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park (STEP). He has published in more than 200 peer reviewed journals and conferences, and has guided 23 Ph.D. students. His research interests include reversible and quantum computing, emerging technologies including memristors, and information security. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.