Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University, A Community of High-Academic Achievements


2020 has literally been the slowest of years for various industries, and sectors, due to the current pandemic affecting all our lives. Also, with the national lockdown imposed on us, we as Indians had to witness our education system undergo major setbacks, which resulted in students losing a lot of time, and the rise of uncertainty was at an all-time high. Moreover, due to the increased number of cases across the globe, Indian/International Students studying at universities/colleges in India and abroad had to struggle the most. From sending students back to the safety of their homes to asking students to vacate campuses, it has inevitably been a year of struggles and sacrifices for students, waiting for that glimpse of normalcy to arrive as early as possible.

However, treating all institutions of higher learning across the globe under the same radar would be wrong on our part, as some institutions worked relentlessly to serve and help their students irrespective of the scenario or circumstance. One such institution which proudly boasts of setting an example to its fellow universities in terms of becoming a place, where every student gets an equal opportunity to strive, create, be capable, and in the end, become an employable resource to society, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University, comes as a ray of hope even during these gloomy times of turmoil.

A Private University which strives to be a place filled with joy and inspirations, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University (SDM University) is sponsored by SDME Society which has a long-established history of serving society, where, charity with education, being one of the most important among them. Following a complete scientific approach to every lesson taught at theuniversity, academics imbibed here is a combination of both old and new values of an efficient learning environment. Having more than 55 educational institutes under its banner, the SDME Society strives in the pursuit of being a haven for excellent teaching/learning, in turn, creating trained future leaders and professionals.

Building a better world one student at a time

Situated in Dharward – Karnataka, the SDM University holds flagship programs across its 5 constituent colleges, namely: Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Biomedical Research institutes. Emphasising on a global growth perspective of every student, highly skilled and proficient professionals come out of the university, who have a high sense of ethical and moral values. Nurturing extensive creativity among every individual present on campus, all the course curriculum and the teaching/learning environment is curated towards being completely dynamic yet have the right amount of knowledge gain.

Built staying well in sync with international standards, every amenity made available to the students is meant to guide them through an effortless learning and growth curve. Being taught by individuals and professionals, who themselves are expert academicians and research scholars, every student finds role models in their very own teachers. Furthermore, the faculty members bond with students giving rise to strong mentor-mentee relationships, giving a lot of importance and prominence to proactive research and innovation activities on campus. Also, focusing towards creating all-rounded individuals of tomorrow, the infrastructure consists of an indoor stadium, multiple playgrounds, cultural clubs, and so on. Consequently, these facilities let students explore their inner talents by taking part in inter-college competitions, annual cultural events, helping them grow as confident individuals, ready to take their place in the huge competitive world outside.

We are proud that we are a complete ragging free campus, where inclusivity is felt across every corner of the university”, stated –Poojya Shri D Veerendra Heggade, the chancellor of the university during a brief conversation we had with him, talking to us about the whole experience that is Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University. Getting a chance to talk to the chancellor, we posed as budding educational aspirants and tried our best to get answers to the most asked questions of today’s time. From questions related to curriculum to the emphasis laid on research and innovation, we asked him varied questions, and quite calm in his response he addressed all our questions with ease, giving us a thorough understanding of how well rested the whole foundation of university is on abled shoulders.

Expanding the Horizons of Learning & Growth

Founded with an aim of contributing to the growth of the region and the country at large, affordable higher education is imparted to all its students, irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds they come from. Apart from being a hotspot for exemplary multi-cultural teaching/learning, affordable health services are provided at the university as well. Considering the current demand for trained/abled healthcare professionals, the university works relentlessly towards giving back to society – health care providers and skilled workers, in turn, meeting the global demand.

Along with creating an inquisitive environment of learning and growth, we at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University collaborate with a range of external research partners, as well as other educational institutions across India”, stated – Poojya Shri Heggade, enunciating the impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus. The connect existing between the university and the top corporates and organizations result in various outreach programs, health screening camps, opportunities for seminars/workshops, paper presentations, guest lectures and so on, benefiting students and teachers alike towards an endless learning experience.

All in all, working in the direction of creating a haven for principles of beauty, love and justice, the management of the university has been very successful in creating an ever-evolving campus of innovating teaching and learning. Being a hotspot for students to grow into individuals who can face social challenges with confidence, the University is slowly growing into a sought-after university, which the nation and society would benefit from, extensively.

Poojya Shri D Veerendra Heggade


A visionary leader with a dream to start a Centre,of Excellence in Medical Education and Healthcare,for the people of North Karnataka region at affordable cost Poojya Shri Heggade has strong phylanthropicgoals. The Dharmadhikari (head) of Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala, the trust which controls several temples, including the famous Manjunatheshwara Temple at Dharmasthala in Karnataka State Poojya Shri Heggade acts as a multidimensional individual who is also a Dharmadhikari, reformer educationist, philosopher and philanthropist. He has contributed over 48 years in social, economic and cultural development of the society. As a result, he has been bestowed with many awards and titles Padma Vibhushan (2nd highest award in India) for his extensive work towards social issues and for preaching Communal Harmony. Under the able guidance of Poojya Shri Heggade, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University and its,constituent institutions continue to provide quality education and healthcare, which in turn promote a very conducive environment across all the campuses, giving life to the new age of trained professionals.