SNBP International School – An Exuberating Endeavor of Knowledge & Growth


In a time of immense modernization, the growth of today’s generation is parallel to the growth of our society. For the holistic development of today’s youth, equal importance must be given both on classroom education and the opportunities given outside the classroom. The youth of today also have be trained in being more compassionate towards society, hence developing the mental, social, and physical aspects of a student. One more important aspect of creating complete individuals is character building, as character imparts wisdom in life, in turn, enhancing inner personality and polishing students into outstanding individuals. Thereby, striving relentlessly to do justice to its earned reputation, and working meticulously towards the welfare of its students, at the same time – preaching the core idea that learning through activities makes every student get involved in learning – SNBP International School, Chikhali (Pune), came into existence.

Working together towards meeting both the academic, as well as psychological needs of all the students on campus, the best learning experience, and an environment is made available for all, that clearly encourages students to grow in cooperation rather than have individual competition. Building the whole school on close connected bonds between all the stakeholders of the school, close connectivity leads to complete transparency in the school operation. Moreover, since parents are the primary teachers of their respective wards, strong teacher-parent bonds exist on the school campus, imparting the best of knowledge to all present at SNBP International School.

Known for its value-based education, progressive & innovative teaching-learning process, the school has become an ideal environment for ideating, exploring, collaborating, and learning. Since its inception, SNBP International School has always aimed to become the center of excellence in education using state-of-the-art technology, where the seeds of the all-around development of children are sown at an early age.

 Every student by name and need

Operating under the vast umbrella of SNBP Group of Institutions, which over 20+ years of functioning has become an epitome of academic and co-curricular brilliance in Maharashtra, the group now successfully runs 5 schools, providing the best education across major educational boards of our country. Also, openly preaching the ideas of classroom discussions, which go beyond topics not only from the curriculum, but also from topics like global affairs, sports, and other platforms, a strong emotional quotient is felt among the students, all thanks to the process they are a proud part of.

Furthermore, taking time out of her busy schedule and helping us clearly understand the working ethos at SNBP, Ms. Devyani Bhosale, the director of the school took us on a virtual/verbal tour, in turn, helping us get a thorough perspective of the operations. During the brief conversation we had with her, she stated – “At SNBP we follow various teaching methods to cater to the needs of students”. Adding to her above statement and elaborating on that point, she stated – “Some are: Direct Instruction, Flipped Classrooms, Kinesthetic Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry-based Learning, Expeditionary Learning, Personalized Learning, Game-based Learning”.

A haven for extraordinary learning experiences, teachers behave as the perfect mentors of students, especially taking care of their needs and concerns, during these times of high uncertainty. Giving in their best, teachers who themselves are trained academicians not only emphasize academics but also focus on a holistic approach, making students experience the best with something new. “Time has changed, but our motive remains the same”, quoted Ms. Neeta Bhalla, the principal of the school, who along with the director participated in the conversation, telling us how SNBP tries its best to achieve the best in their students. Also, since the whole campus has been moved online, Ms. Bhalla explained in detail how many events, such as Republic Day, Marathi Bhasha Divas, and so on, were conducted to the fullest, where the school saw wholehearted student participation, and everyone’s zeal to adapt to the new norm.

Quest for excellence

Considering the current scenario, where students are more into online platforms for their studies, SNBP International School looks towards taking care of students’ intellectual well-being. A place where meditation and Yoga classes are set as priority for all grade students, the school promotes other Co-curricular activities like music, art, and craft, dance, karate, on a large scale, aimed towards enriching students on an emotional, cognitive, physical, and social level. Adding to this very point of all-around excellence, SNBP is known for, Ms. Bhalla stated – “Our school is known for its distinguished feature of imparting academics and blending it with activities that leads to our student’s holistic development”.

Lastly, after creating a unique, yet efficient center of effective, quality-based learning, SNBP International School takes cognizance of the fact that the future lies in innovation, robotics, and drones. Keeping the spirit of rapid technological advancements alive, the school has already started taking initiatives in this regard by educating children in these aspects. Life skill development is also laid enough emphasis in the school, considering the future wherein adaptability will hold the key to prospering in life. All in all, working towards building a community, empowering learners to assume active roles in building an inclusive, peaceful, and tolerant environment, the school each day contributes towards the building of sustainable society, one student at a time.

Ms. Devyani Bhosale – Director

A firm believer that a healthy body and mind is a product of a healthy environment, and in turn, a suitable environment for optimum growth. Operating as a vital personality at SNBP who actively involves herself in the implementation of new-age practices, which at all levels of education, push towards developing a positive attitude, she along with the management moves each day towards a common motive of the holistic and harmonious development of their students.