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Modern education focuses on the intellectual and emotional quotient of the child. Hence academic education must be supplemented with a generous dose of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Also, twenty-first-century learning refers to developing knowledge, and life skills as a part of the classroom experience, which encompasses critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. While several schools of today might promise such a schooling experience, only a few are really able to fulfill all the demands of today’s child. Solitaire Global Schools is that pathway school that has evolved in its journey since its inception, and strives forward to provide holistic and world-class educational opportunities to the youth in the city of Hyderabad.

Affiliated with the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) from Early Years to Advanced – Level, Solitaire Global Schools is spread over more than 3 acres in the heart of Hyderabad. Continuing on the vision set by their founder – Mr. Mir Murtuza Ali, SGS offers all the amenities for 21st-century learning such as a massive library, laboratories, Art, Music, a dance studio, a spacious auditorium and many such amenities.

At SGS, activities that enhance the qualities of the spirit and the body are as important as academic learning”, shared – Mir Murtuza Ali, the founder of Solitaire Global Schools. Continuing on his statement, Mr. Ali added – “The creative, communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills are honed through numerous clubs like Gavel Club, Literary clubs, and co-curricular activities such skating, Karate, Swimming, and many more”. Through the conversation with the founder it became evident that students at Solitaire  excel not only in academics but across various sporting activities in both city and national levels.

Inspiring an endless passion for knowledge and continuous improvement

Operating as a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence are expected and promoted, a strong dialogue exists between teachers and the students , whether in the classroom or otherwise. This inspires passion for the subject, conveys knowledge and develops the skills of rational, independent thought, and unthinking conformity. Solitaire Global Schools is one of the foremost centers of academic excellence in Hyderabad, and has earned a place as one of the top schools in Hyderabad, and its pupils achieve exceptional academic results. This success is a result of pupils’ enjoyment of academic enquiry, debate and search for explanation well beyond any published syllabus.

All the onboard teachers have rich experience of having taught at leading schools in India and across the world. The School has over 200 teachers, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:10, and every child enjoys individualized attention. Solitaire Global Schools distinguishes itself by being thoughtful, be it with the curriculum, or programs, or their traditions, working towards being the best international school in Hyderabad. Also, SGS is that entity that works relentlessly towards creating stable communities, which will grow from strength to strength. Moreover, SGS has developed links with schools globally, along with having strong local roots. All the students at SGS learn to think internationally while upholding their rich cultural heritage. Exchange programs too are regularly organized to enrich the curriculum.

Beginning in kindergarten, every student learns to understand other cultures and speak a world language. By the time they graduate, they may have visited many schools across the country through the collaborative programs and be well versed with the diverse cultures across the country. All Solitairians understand that they live in an internationally connected world and embrace the opportunity to be thoughtful and responsible global citizens. SGS students develop advanced scholarly habits and intellectual curiosity. They learn to think deeply and flexibly, whether they are researching and writing a term paper or creating a multimedia project. Students become self-directed learners with a strong desire to explore new ideas, and gain the means to investigate any facet of the world they encounter.

Associations & Affiliations

Gavel Club –  A club which was started to overcome stage fear, and improve the oratorical and leadership skills of each child. It is mandatory for every Solitaire Global Schools student to be a member of this club, starting from grade 6th to 12th grade.

AFS (Member of American Field Services) – An initiative which provides international, intercultural learning and education through diverse exchange programs among the students of 53 different countries.

Member of International Schools Association (MISA) – An arrangement started by SGS with top Cambridge International Schools, striving to blend the Indian traditional values and modern innovative methods of learning.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Program (IAYP) – Through this program students are motivated in a balanced program of voluntary self-development activities, taking them through potentially difficult periods between adolescence & adulthood.

International Dimension Schools – Affiliation given by the British Council (formerly known as ISA).

SGS Social Responsibility

At Solitaire Global Schools, the fundamental teaching for students is to accept education as an objective and as an opportunity to serve the community, especially the weaker sections. Students are encouraged to form themselves into groups, identify their projects and work towards helping society. It stands to the credit of the students that they show remarkable initiative in planning and executing projects that make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. They take an effort in collecting and distributing contributions both in cash as well as in kind.

Active community service, with students from Class I onwards participating, is integral to SGS education, where all the students work with several NGOs to support social development initiatives and have raised substantial funds to support these NGOs. “Service to the community has taught all our students a sense of responsibility, humility, and dedication. It will always be an integral part of their life even in years to come”, concluded – Mir Murtuza Ali.

Coming Soon

Solitaire Pathway in partnership with Pearson is on the verge of starting a new center that trains students towards learning and developing key skills that employers are looking for, in today’s time. This center will operate as a high-quality, career center providing BTEC qualifications which are designed for progression into employment with exciting job roles. Solitaire Pathway is accredited by Pearson, an international board of education. Through their courses, Solitaire Pathway aims to create global-minded business professionals.

Mir Murtuza Ali – Founder

Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of success in chosen businesses & fields, Mir Murtuza Ali has successfully launched and managed UTlines, Solitaire Global Schools, Solitaire Fitness Chain & Glorium Schools.