Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir – Transforming Lives


In shaping a person’s social and professional growth, schools play a vital role. The conventional schools of our country focus on nurturing the children to face the competitive world outside. And, in the process of assessing the capability of a student via exams and tests to prepare them for their future, the curriculum and the learning conveniently do not give sufficient scope for creative thinking. Also, considering the current times of the pandemic, and the demand for employable individuals like never, the need for independent learning and thinking is the need of the hour. Thereby, coming as a literal ray of hope, in pursuit of giving children the freedom to think for themselves and be independent in every way, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore South (SSRVM) came into existence.

Founded by the world-renowned spiritual leader and multi-faceted humanitarian – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, under his – Art of Living Organization, SSRVM strives on the lines of – “Education is a vehicle for transformation of the self and an aid to the growth of the economy”, working rigorously towards creating leaders of tomorrow. Also, providing the most holistically profound teaching/learning, it is made sure that every student on the school campus is given equal opportunities and focus, such that, his/her cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual learning takes place, irrespective of the scene outside. Furthermore, by making all the students academically competent, innovatively creative, socially aware, and self-developing, students are taught to think beyond their classrooms, making a sincere effort to deepen their roots by equipping them via unique methodologies, imbibing culture and values of the whole world, helping them evolve as conscious global citizens.

Encouraging the love for learning

Situated ideally in the lap of greenery and bordering a reserve forest in Kanakpura, Bangalore – SSRVM, promotes an environment where learning is an individual process for each student. Hosting a curriculum, which is joyous and stress-free, all the endeavors carried out at the school are focused on making sure students love attending school. Also, basing the whole atmosphere of teaching/learning on the principles of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, 5 aspects of education are followed on the Vidya Mandir campus, namely – Concept, Attitude, Information, Imagination & Freedom.

Working together with a clear aim of nourishing inbuilt virtues, which will have a long-lasting effect, imparting true intelligence, SSRVM makes sure that every concern of the parent today is addressed effectively. “A well-educated person is one who is friendly and compassionate, who can be a ‘nobody with everybody” quoted B Gayatri Rao, the serving principal of the school, giving us a real-world view into the working ethos present at the school, converting students into educated personalities. She added to her above statement continuing the same point, by saying – “Creative methods of teaching followed on our campus help children become strong personalities and broad-minded individuals with a warm heart”.

Involving all the stakeholders of the school in the whole endeavor of growth and development, the management of SSRVM works day in and day out to impart such an education, which caters to all the facets of human life. Also, all thanks to the impressive state-of-the-art facilities, and ICT infrastructure available for all, the school overcame the pandemic in a stride, adapting to the new norm smoothly, implementing the new changes the right way. Moreover, approaching teaching/learning in a completely child-centered and interactive manner, all day-to-day activities are designed such that they kindle in each child a curiosity to know and grow. Getting students used to engaging lessons and classes, rather than just forcing them to follow a repetitive learning routine, helps in laying a strong foundation in concepts so that after acquiring knowledge, the child can apply it.

Freedom from typical Indian schooling

An epitome of being different, SSRVM Bangalore South is known for its unique methodologies which help strengthen the body, mind, emotions and create a sense of belonging with the whole world. Additionally, by helping children prepare for the worst, yet live with a smile in this ever-changing world, necessary skills, information, and wisdom are imparted to the children, in their path towards sheer excellence.

Helped and guided by the most talented, dedicated, well-trained, and experienced teachers cum academicians, students at SSRVM find their role models in their very own teachers. “Taught towards committing themselves to deliver the best, and only the best, Each of our faculty members need to undergo a special in house training called ‘Shradha Program’”, stated – Ms. Gayatri, enunciating how teachers also are taught to excel, in the very path of delivering concepts of education properly.

All in all, striving on the motto of – “Broaden the vision, deepen the roots”, SSRVM is perhaps a true composition of modern aspects of education and a deep-rooted sense of our culture and values. Balancing the modern aspects of teaching concepts such as smart classes, robotics, workshops, and so on, students on the SSRVM campus practice meditation, yoga, Shloka chanting, etc. which prepares them in dealing effectively with stress as well as handle their minds and emotions. Lastly, keeping the ancient Indian spiritual values alive, and inspired by the teachings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, interlaced into the life of students through weekly story sessions and service activities, holistic development of students is ensured, helping them learn to become socially responsible, and society-friendly individuals of tomorrow.