Young Scholars Academy – Redefining Academic & Intellectual Development


In a time where the concept of learning beyond textbooks is adhered to and revered across various schools in our country, schools have rigorously involved themselves in the pursuit of letting children explore and experiment beyond the classroom walls. Helping children of today get converted into leaders of tomorrow, in turn, also making them able enough to view the abstract information of the textbooks and connect it with tangible relevance of the real world, during the ongoing pandemic the whole education system has seen a drastic & a positive change. Moreover, by motivating young learners to adapt and apply what is taught by instilling a desire to learn more, institutions such as Young Scholars Academy (YSA) have started on this very path, striving towards social, academic, and personal success.

Being a school that focuses on its core fundamentals, every student at Young Scholars Academy is taught to Learn to Lead. Promoting a thorough individualized education, teachers are trained to conduct self-contained teaching/learning activities, utilizing the best amenities made available for all students. From resource rooms to academic and psychological counseling, YSH is home to a huge campus, sports area, in turn, providing the safest of environments for the children, to learn and grow effectively and effortlessly. Furthermore, with students being taught to embrace change, yet retain and cherish societal values, the pandemic hardly affected the academy, in turn, benefiting it to help them realize their true potential in serving society, one student at a time.

An institute that offers value-based and holistic education, which clearly paves the way for integrated development of the physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the personality, enriched knowledge, and a sense of strong patriotism is taught across all the lessons at YSA. Using the latest creative teaching techniques and methods, meaningful learning experiences are preached on a large scale, improving problem-solving & reflective skills in children, utilizing the most non-traditional ways of learning. Also, keeping all the teachers well-prepared to cater to the students’ needs and demands by improving and updating their knowledge of innovative teaching to meet the demands of the new-age learners, teachers at YSA have had a number of online workshops and training sessions during this pandemic.

A creative space for dynamic learning

Situated in V. Nagenahalli Main Road (R. T. Nagar Post) – Bangalore, YSA’s primary vision is not just to become that place where students learn, but to become that hub that stays within the hearts and minds of all their students. Having the most experienced faculty & support staff, the school makes use of the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure made available for all, well-equipped towards imparting smooth learning curves for every student present on campus, irrespective of the circumstances outside. “Working together to provide an inclusive, high-quality, enjoyable learning experience where success is celebrated and children feel “VALUED”, at YSA it is our duty to excel as educators”, stated – Ms. Surabhi Yamini Iyengar, the serving principal, during a brief conversation we had with her, where she gave us a whole insight into the working ethos present on campus. Adding to her above statement and enunciating to us the importance of practical-based learning at YSA, Ms. Surabhi, stated – “Teachers demonstrate experiments to nurture their intellectual curiosities”. Additionally, with practical knowledge a very important component of the mechanism called the YSA, first-hand experience is imbibed to all the students, helping them in a better understanding of the concepts taught in the classroom.

Helping students understand the role Mother Earth plays in everyone’s life, field trips are organized, which are a regular part of teaching-learning processes, which ensure real-life learning. Also, pushing students to take part in growing and harvesting greens, rekindle their love towards nature. Regular science exhibitions too help students discover their answers themselves, thereby, pushing all to grow as capable self-learners.

Apart from imparting exceptional schooling experiences, YSA also focuses on holistic development. With ‘Bhagavad Gita’ classes conducted every week to inculcate the right and unbiased perspective of observing and knowing oneself, Yoga classes add to this, in turn, helping students improve their individual strength, balance, flexibility, and promote better self-care. In addition to all this, students are also encouraged to participate in interschool competitions and take up competitive exams like ‘Olympiad’ and ‘Indian Talent’.

Striving towards excellence

With a strong academic vision and a goal in mind, YSA operates with equal enthusiasm and passion for extra-curricular activities including sports, art, drama, community service projects, and various other clubs. Overall holistic development of students at YSA helps them become globally responsible citizens and leaders filled with positivity and angst towards helping the needy. Serving as a home away from home for every student, YSA has a large campus spread over 200,000 sq ft, providing enough space per student and sufficient space for 30-40 students per classroom. The construction method ensures the safety of students in school, in turn, providing clean and separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for the staff. Sports facilities at YSA are being used by various national-level athletes.

All in all, shining bright irrespective of the scenario the world is facing, the onboard IT infrastructure such as – Wi-Fi and broadband connections have helped YSA continue in its path towards excellence, offering relentless education day in and day out. Also, with the leadership team all set to tackle any situation, it is pretty evident that YSA rests on abled shoulders. Lastly, understanding the fact that all the stakeholders of the school stay well in sync with every step taken at the academy, the institute continues in the path of erecting milestones in all walks of life, as well as succeeding as an exemplary hub of education.