Dr. Khusro Hussaini


The need for high-quality education in a multicultural, populous nation like India has never been greater. Access to elite educational institutions is essential given the growing youth population and the quickly changing work economy. These hubs encourage critical thinking, innovation, and a global perspective in addition to providing pupils with fundamental skills. Khaja Bandanawaz University is a shining example of greatness in the middle of this. The university symbolizes a dedication to offering inclusive, top-quality education, empowering students to handle the difficulties of a competitive world. It is led by the dynamic leadership of Chancellor Dr. Khusro Hussaini.

Knowing Dr. Khusro Hussaini

Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini, the 23rd direct descendant of the revered Sufi Saint Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad Husayni Gisudaraz, widely known as Hazrat Khaja Bandanawaz, grew up immersed in a rich milieu of culture and scholarship. Surrounded by learned figures, including his esteemed father Padmashree Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Al Hussaini, Dr. Khusro Hussaini imbibed the teachings of Sufism from an early age, emphasizing the paramount importance of serving humanity as a core tenet of faith – a principle deeply embedded in Islamic teachings.

This foundational belief, championed by his father in the pursuit of providing education as an essential right for the economically disadvantaged, left an indelible mark on Dr. Khusro Hussaini. Raised amidst the traditions of Sufism and the legacy of the centuries-old Dargah, he developed a profound appreciation for history and heritage. Simultaneously, his education at the venerable 150-year-old St. George’s Grammar School in Hyderabad introduced him to the discipline and values of Western education.

These enduring influences have shaped his vision and endeavors in founding educational institutions. Despite his exposure to luminaries in Hyderabad’s cultural and political spheres, Dr. Khusro Hussaini held his teachers in high esteem, from his early schooling to university education both in India and abroad.

An exceptional facet of his upbringing is his unassuming nature. Despite his noble lineage and connections to Hyderabad’s royalty, Syed Khusro Hussaini chose to cycle to Osmania University during his studies, embodying a simplicity that is a hallmark of his character.

A Multifaceted Scholar and Visionary Leader

Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini’s academic journey has been a lifelong pursuit of learning, research, and inquiry. Immersed in the age-old library of the Dargah from a young age, surrounded by books on the history of the Deccan and Sufi philosophy, he developed a versatile ability to delve into various fields of knowledge. This breadth of interests is reflected in his extensive knowledge and numerous scholarly treatises on subjects spanning Arts, Humanities, and Theology.

At the age of 15, he assumed the role of Editor for “Shahbaz,” an Urdu journal of Sufi philosophy and thought, a responsibility passed down by his father. He continues to oversee the publication to this day. Additionally, he served as an Editorial Board Member for the renowned journal “Islamic Culture” for several years.

From this foundational education emerged a profound interest in Sufism, leading to in-depth studies in fields such as Deccani architecture, the culture of the Deccan, and the historical monuments of Gulbarga and Bidar. Driven by a syncretic approach, his writings harmonize the spiritual beliefs of the subcontinent through a Sufi perspective.

Beyond academia, Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini possesses an aesthetic sensibility that permeates his world view. This manifests in his meticulous attention to architectural design, from the interiors of libraries and classrooms to the overall look of university buildings. He is particularly passionate about sports, alongside pursuits like poetry and composing Naath. His creative endeavors have resulted in the publication of a collection of Naath, well-received by poetry enthusiasts.

One striking example of his intersection of design and leadership is the creation of Khaja Bandanawaz University’s unique logo. Featuring a dancing dervish within an arch, it symbolizes the Sufi’s ecstasy upon encountering the beauty and greatness of the Almighty. This emblem represents the convergence of worldly education with ethical and spiritual values, setting Khaja Bandanawaz University apart as a beacon of holistic learning.

As the Chancellor

Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini transcends the conventional role of a Chancellor. While his formal appointment was ratified by the Karnataka legislative Assembly in August 2018, his vision had always been to establish a diverse range of faculties, encompassing both traditional and unconventional subjects. His relentless dedication was instrumental in the establishment of Khaja Bandanawaz University, driven by a core value of providing higher education opportunities, particularly to minorities and the broader human community, ensuring it doesn’t remain an exclusive domain.

Assuming the role of Chancellor, he took full responsibility for every aspect required to build a comprehensive university. The university, under his leadership, prioritizes research, sustainability, and holistic development, exemplified by the systematic establishment of various institutions within the university.

In 2019, Dr. Khusro Hussaini introduced an innovative approach to postgraduate courses, meticulously outlining teaching-learning processes. His emphasis on student autonomy in course selection and assessment methods, including open book exams and seminar-based evaluations, demonstrated a forward-thinking approach ahead of the national education policy changes in 2020.

Going Down the Line

Having worked and aimed relentlessly towards the large scale betterment of the University, going down the line Dr. Hussaini has big plans on the card. The first and biggest establishment he looks forward to is the starting of an in-house FM Radio, for which the Studio and place for the Tower has been constructed and official licensing completed. The FM Radio shall reach out to the Urban and Rural Communities around Kalaburagi through providing access to medical facilities and Health advice by experts, while connecting the University to the Community through its outreach.

“Dr. Hussaini announced the forthcoming inauguration of a Translation Department linked to the Language Faculty, which is poised to create new employment opportunities. Additionally, recognizing the critical need for elderly care often overlooked in our nation, the chancellor is driving the initiation of a Geriatrics Care certificate course. Addressing concerns in the realm of oncology, the university aims to delve into the genetic predispositions to cancer through a community-based survey. To facilitate this, a Genetic Research Laboratory will soon be established within the KBNU Faculty of Medical Sciences. Dr. Hussaini envisions KBNU leading the charge in scientific research over the next decade, particularly in Life Sciences, Nutrition, Physiology, as well as in the domains of Humanities, Social Development, Technology, and Robotics.”