K. C. College of Engineering and Information Technology – Perceiving & Maintaining Engineering Excellence


Engineers of today are needed to work in such a way that they invent the future and learn from each step as they proceed in their respective journeys. Making an impact, collaborating, and reaching out to the world, they are also leveraging new technologies, moving steadily towards creating and innovating for a new society. Functioning almost as front-line warriors, their contributions have helped the world overcome this ghastly pandemic – one step at a time. Thus, engineering hubs across the length and breadth of our country have started on a rigorous path towards converting students into capable tech leaders of tomorrow, showing their true educational prowess as educators. Thereby, one such leading institute which facilitates brilliant career opportunities via their quality education across various courses offered – K. C. Group of Institutions has been known for being the torch bearer of education in Doaba Region since its inception.

Located in the Karyam Road Nawanshahr Punjab (India), KCGI believes in providing a stimulating environment for developing impressionable young minds, helping all the students approach excellence, in turn, sharpening their abilities and skills. Also known for their sustainable growth via solid foundation model, KCGI aims to provide all the students on campus with the best educational environment, which is fully equipped with the latest physical as well as ICT-enabled infrastructure needed by a gen-z aspirant. Boasting of the most qualified, competent, and experienced faculty members across all the courses, the most important step in the journey of KCGI was starting an engineering institute, where students benefit from an unmatched environment, and discover themselves and explore life. Consequently, keeping this very objective in mind and under the able aegis of K. C. Social Welfare Trust – K. C. College of Engineering & Information Technology (KCCEIT) was established.

Playing a vital role in providing technical manpower & in the pursuit of research, the curriculum followed at KCCEIT is broad based knowledge, that simultaneously builds a temper for lifelong learning & exploring, thereby, offering a wide array of academic courses and programs that are approved by AICTE and affiliated to IKG PTU. The college at present hosts BTech programs in Civil, Computer Science, Electrical & Mechanical, where the onboard faculty members ensure that thorough teaching is imparted to the students, laying equal emphasis on both – theoretical and practical aspects of engineering, preparing society ready individuals of tomorrow.

Progressive management at work

Redefining the way engineering is being taught and living up to the brand value set by KCGI, KCCEIT adopts various significant teaching methods to teach students & to make them professionals in their respective areas of interest. From High Tech Approach Learning, where the teachers use the internet in order to connect their students with people from around the world to student-centric & inquiry-based learning, the engineering college has become a brand ambassador of innovative and unique teaching methodologies, which truly make the learning experience worthwhile for all present on the campus.

Empowering students to become self-reliant, by bringing in their own ideas, experiences and explanations to the forefront, scientific worldview is created on the campus via every endeavour carried out at KCCEIT”, stated – Dr. Parveen Kumar Janjua, the campus director of KCGI. Helping us and fellow engineering aspirants across the country get a real-world view into the happenings and the culture present at KCCEIT, Dr. Parveen took time out of his busy schedule and explained in detail how students come in as timid individuals and leave the college as improved tech personalities who have immense reasoning and scientific skills, filled with self-confidence and self-esteem. Adding to his above statement, he stated – “Not only does KCCEIT excel at engineering teaching/learning, the college is also a welcome haven for all-rounders who want to test their potentials in activities beyond the classrooms/libraries”.

Furthermore, when the whole educational world was faced with the need to move to online education due to the ongoing pandemic, the scenario at KCCEIT was no different. Having adapted to the online modules, the college displayed strong flexibility, helping students with possibilities and opportunities to personalize education, based on their individual needs. Additionally, also eliminating the barriers of space & time ,the students at KCCEIT have now access to a wide range of information, facilitating collaboration & allowing students to learn in their own rhythm, motivating them to interact with their teachers & peers, by discussing exchange views and ideas.

An intensive ethos of growth

Due to the huge emphasis placed on R & D programs across all the disciplines of education at the KCGI, KCCEIT too went aboard with this, as the management clearly believes that Research oriented learning gives a particular texture to the academic environment of the college which further gives a distinctive and distinguishing experience to the students. Moreover, with the Punjab Technical University facilitating research & development funding in college, KCCEIT is now also making efforts to develop dedicated infrastructure by focusing more on research activities, such as – organizing national conferences, hosting collaborative programs with other institutes in India, specialized Industry oriented Workshops /Courses / Expert lectures, Industry defined Projects by students and faculties and taking part in activities jointly with institutes under various Govt. funding schemes.

Understanding the fact that India is a land of diversified cultures, religions and so on, a true sense of belonging and inclusivity is felt across all the corners of the college, welcoming students from more than 11 states with open hands. Lastly, with specialized scholarship schemes provided to the students belonging to different kinds of categories, be it deprived sections of the society or for students who outperform on all fronts, KCCEIT is striving hard to make their institution an institute of excellence, where the management actively serves as prime motivators for the all-round growth & development of the students across every endeavor of their individual lives.

Dr. Parveen Kumar Janjua – Campus Director

A Competent Professional with 21 years of experience in Field of Teaching, Research & Administration, his Core Competencies & General Management Strengths include working in various organizations such as Chairperson of IQAC (NAAC), Nodal Officer at NIRF, HOD of Forensic Science, Assistant Nodal Officer – UGC Cell and so on. According to his belief, the KC group of institutes are proud of providing quality education to their students and are passionate in pursuit of playing an important role in nation building, and also, as privileged human beings Dr. Parveen as the current campus director involves himself endlessly striving to retrieve and inculcate these life building values among all the students at KCGI.