Karnataka’s Best 20 Educational Institutes

The year 2020 was a total rollercoaster of a ride for all of us and especially the education industry, with overcoming the pandemic to getting back to lockdowns and shutdowns, uncertainty was at an all-time high. Consequently, with the businesses getting shut down and people losing their jobs, students pursuing their higher education had to deal with placement hassles, and moreover, with everything being moved online, the education being imparted was more of a skeptical affair for the students and their respective parents. But however, considering the state of Karnataka and its sheer dedication towards becoming one of the best states in the country for education, institutes like Ebenezer Group of Institutions and many more, made sure to endeavor in pursuit of a smooth transition and uncertainty free education for all their students.

Also, many excellent institutions of Karnataka that do not have a Bangalore address have also managed to excel as prime hotspots of change and growth, and yet have managed to attract recruiters to their campus and grab high-paid jobs for their students. However, Karnataka as a state has so many things to be done to become a global hub of education. The state has been able to establish the capacity, as the number of higher education institutions increased three-fold in the last 10 years. Now, the need of the hour is to bring them on par with international standards to ensure quality skilled and technical manpower, and by the looks of it – our state is way ahead in this race towards achieving the said goal.

Thereby, in this issue, we have picked the best of the best institutions, colleges, training institutes, and educational hubs of our state, judging them and analyzing them on various aspects of cutting -edge education, and factors like academic excellence, infrastructural amenities, IT infrastructure, mentor-mentee importance, parent involvement, and so on. Also, checking the importance the educational hub lays on help its students attain cutting-edge education that will prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. On the cover, we feature Ebenezer Group of Institutions that stands apart from its peers with its innovative model of education and faculty members of high caliber.

This edition will have a title – “Karnataka’s Best 20 Educational Institutes”, where we act as guides to parents and students alike, who are looking forward to picking the right hub, for a complete higher-education experience, be it in the fields of engineering, pharmacy, dental or vocational training. Also, we have made sure that this edition would serve as a platform for reputed institutes to showcase their contribution towards society, by giving out independent, socially responsible citizens of our country, ready to take their respective spots in this huge world outside.

Name of the institute Location Specialization
BGS College of Education Mandya Teacher Training
Bishop Cotton Women's Christian Law College Bengaluru Law
Brindavan College of Engineering Bengaluru Higher Education
Ebenezer Group of Institutions Bengaluru Higher Education
Farooqia College of Pharmacy Mysuru Pharmacy
HKBK College of Engineering Bengaluru Engineering
Indian Academy School of Management Studies Bengaluru Management
KLE College of Pharmacy Belgaum Pharmacy
MS Ramaiah College of Engineering and Technology Bengaluru Engineering
MVJ Group of Institutions Bengaluru Higher Education
Nettur Technical Training Foundation Bengaluru Vocational Training
Nitte School of Management Bengaluru Management
NICC - International College of Media & Design Bengaluru Mass Media
Oxford Educational Institutions Bengaluru Higher Education
Reva University Bengaluru Law & Architecture
RNS Institute of Technology Bengaluru Engineering
RV College of Engineering Bengaluru Engineering
Sahyadri College Of Engineering & Management Mangaluru Engineering & Management
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University Dharward Higher Education