National Model Senior Secondary School – Creating a Better Tomorrow


Most of us have been living with closed schools and some version of lockdown for almost a year now. For all the reimagining of education in the 21st century, nobody predicted that the greatest disruption of all would come from a virus. As education policymakers all over the world grapple with distance learning provision and safe school reopening, they will no doubt also be thinking about what the pandemic means for education in the longer term. However, the only thing we are sure about even during the ongoing pandemic is that – to succeed in life and at work, students will need all the social, emotional, and academic support they can get via rich and flexible learning experiences. One such school which has been working relentlessly towards pushing its students to outperform their peers, both – inside and outside the classrooms – National Model Senior Secondary School (NMS), has worked its way up to become the most sought-after school in Coimbatore.

Started by the PNP Educational Trust and envisioned towards providing the best of education to students coming from all walks of life – The National Model Secondary School was a brainchild of the very foundation. Moreover, understanding the need for a trust-worthy institution in the growing metropolis of Coimbatore, National Model Secondary School gave students a nationally recognized environment of growth and learning, and a platform for them to prepare themselves for a better future.

Recognizing and catering to the right minds in a unique way, NMS and every individual who is a part of it are dedicated to helping students gain from the schooling experience, in turn, becoming confident, self-motivated, and independent individuals. Ensuring a secure and caring environment of learning, every student at NMS is encouraged to apply their learning in new situations and be informed decision-makers. Also, with the journey so far being filled with loads of experiences, proud moments, and recognitions, NMS is right on its track to becoming a go-to hub for exemplary education, moving each day towards greater heights.

A sign of commitment & dedication

With a clear aim of giving out satisfactory experiences for both students and parents, and not compromising on the quality of education imparted, a lot of plans and experiments have been made by NMS to maintain its standards. Being the 3rd school to adapt to the NCERT-based syllabus of the CBSE board in Coimbatore, the school has since then been observed as an example institute, in terms of imparting effective teaching and learning. Also, with teachers being trained towards giving individual attention to each and every student present on campus, the 1: 16 teacher to student ratio is a living example, that every endeavor carried out by the school is completely student-centric. Additionally, getting good marks/results being the 2nd important aim of the school, holistic-development of the children has always been the primary aim of the PNP trust and all the institutions under its vast umbrella, contributing to society one student at a time.

Staying well-in sync with the NCERT syllabus, practical application is taught across all the curriculum & pedagogy. With the best state-of-the-art infrastructure and the ICT-enabled teaching tools available on campus, even during the current times of crisis, students get the best of learning, sitting in the safety and comfort of their homes. Tools like the interactive whiteboard/TV, where all of the 25 children are visible on the screen and monitored, NMS has been completely successful in taking the whole campus online, as even the extracurricular activities like the dance classes are being conducted effortlessly. Also, with regular assignments and internals being conducted online, students are well-occupied with school work and activities and are motivated towards attending online workshops, conducted by industry professionals and their very own teachers.

National Model’s distinct pedagogical approach delivers the highest quality of education through literacy-based, differentiated instruction; thus giving students the best opportunities to achieve curriculum standards. The inviting, safe, student-centered environment caters to the individual educational needs of each student, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. Adding to this point, Dr. P. Mohan Chandar, the correspondent at the National Model Schools, quoted – “We use a ‘No child left behind the policy to teach’, where students learn in a different style that suits them which, in turn, makes them happier, stay on task, and more willing to try.”

During a brief conversation with Dr. P, Mohan Chandar, and the principal of NMS – Mrs. Geetha Laxman, we learned about the whole ethos present on the campus of the school, where they gave us an inside view of how the school tries its best to cater to the 21st-century children. Adding to the point made by Dr. Mohan Chandar and telling us the main agenda of the NMS, Mrs. Geetha stated – “The mantra of National Modellites – be it staff or students is to beat their own records and set higher and higher goals and strive to achieve them; absolutely self-driven.

In pursuit of educational excellence

By hosting a completely integrated curriculum with compulsory co-curricular activities like Yoga, Dance & Music, students are trained towards gaining thorough physical and mental growth. Being able to run activities on the campus smoothly, NMS boasts of a state-of-the-art infrastructure, where a highly sophisticated indoor auditorium was inaugurated in January, this year. Utilizing the existing campus and its amenities, the first Face-to-face Induction program for the Principals and Managers of newly affiliated CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, and Nilgiris was hosted by the school on February 11 and 12.

Also, the efforts put in by the management of National Model Sr Sec School Coimbatore, have started to bear results, and as a living example – NMS has become a proud participant of First National Toy Fair 2021. Which is a virtual fair, promoted by 7 Ministries, from Feb 27 to March 2, 2021, to realize our Prime Minister’s thoughts on Atmanirbhar, Vocal for Local, Make in India concepts. Furthermore, NMS has become the only school from Tamilnadu to be listed one among 75 stalls allotted to NCERT for schools under CBSE, KV, JNV, SCERT, DIET of all states of our Country.

All in all, being known as a flagbearer of a balanced curriculum, National Model is designed to emphasize the development of concept, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-initiated action in students, inside the learning spaces, and on the playground as well. Also, preparing children for careers of the 21st century, the willingness of NMS to go the extra mile is what makes National Model a unique place of exemplary educational experiences.

Dr. P. Mohan Chandar – Correspondent

An optimistic personality, who believes that ‘Happiness is a Boomerang’, Dr. P. Mohan Chandar owes all his career-based excellence to his family and his extended family – the faculty of the National Model. Treating education as a service for society by providing free education for the needy, he has a strong philanthropic zest to his existence. His interests take him beyond his work schedule, thereby, getting himself involved in serving as a Managing director – Nikvin hospitality services (p) ltd, a company involved in publishing and transports, running a Construction and real estate’s company, and in the process of starting a veg specialty restaurant using natural products, called – “Virunthombal”. His interest to serve society push him to research new advancements in education, thereby, helping the National model spread its wings beyond conventional schooling, and into the world of things, helping each and every one present at the school grow as complete individuals.

Dr. Geetha Laxman – Principal

Having served as the principal of National Model Senior Secondary School since its inception, under her able guidance and leadership – the school has grown from a strength of 100 in 2006 to 1400 in 2021. A proud participant of every endeavor her school students take part in, she’s the prime reason behind the students marking their presence across national level sports and academics. Working along with the management to ensure a comprehensive curriculum for all that embeds all the guidelines of the CBSE Boards, the school got the recognition of being a Lead Collaborator under hubs of learning, from the CBSE Board, and all the due share of credit goes to Mrs. Geetha Laxman. Adding to the list of her achievements, Mrs. Geetha has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Administration by Global Human Peace University on 10th of April – 2021. Lastly, by actively extending her support in CBSE training, CoE, Chennai, as the District Coordinator Training for the districts of Coimbatore and Tirupur, she serves in the capacity of City Coordinator for Examinations, CBSE.