India’s Best 10 Interior Design Institutes 2019

People love artists because they dabble with one of the most fascinating subjects in the world, Creativity. Anything that involves creativity is fascinating. In this regard, Interior Designing is a spectacular branch to follow. Visualizing and realizing an empty space into a work of art is no mean feat. As charming as it sounds, one must be wary of choosing a career in Interior Designing. Interior designing is not only about using creativity but also combining technical skills. One must understand the requirements of the client and judiciously work with the time, space and monetary confinements.

Moreover, owing to the deplorable rate at which our resources are diminishing, a designer must look at ways to make a sustainable living as attractive as possible. This is especially important in India, where the increasing population and space crunch has put interior designing on the spotlight. This is clearly visible in a certain BLS statistics report which stated that those considering interior design can rejoice as the numbers project a 13% growth between 2012 and 2022. However, those specializing in environmental design will be at the forefront of this growth, thanks to interest in sustainability which is expected to lead the charge towards further developing the field. Another important area will be accessibility design, a field emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that can be easily navigated.

This means that there is a demand for designers who can align client requirements with the environmental constraints to produce a living, breathing space. So, who makes these designers? What qualities should those institutions that craft these designers possess?

Our panel of experts here at the Academic Insights laboriously studied, in detail, some of the prominent names in this field for their competence with respect to their performance in pedagogy, placements, research initiatives, and the quality of education. We then cherry-picked from these institutions and compiled a list of ‘India’s Best 10 Interior Design Institutes 2019’.  We believe that it is of paramount importance that these names be listed as they have the propensity to successfully produce visionaries.

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