Outstanding Schools of the Year 2022 (Vol 2)

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In a young developing country like India, parents put in their maximum effort to give the best education for their children. Continuing in this very endeavor, most parents are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right school for their wards, and the right board of education for a smooth and thorough schooling experience, directed towards becoming trained and employability-oriented individuals of tomorrow. Moreover, India being known for being a stalwart in terms of imparting quality education in all its streams, schools all across the length and breadth of the country try their best to create leaders of tomorrow. 

Along with imparting exceptional academics, schools of today focus on extra/co-curricular coaching, in turn, laying out the perfect initial foundation for your ward. In addition, based on various educational factors and aspects, that the curriculum plays an integral part in the student’s future, Outstanding Schools of today are giving their best to outperform on all aspects. From the curated syllabus, to the pattern of learning, and the scope of knowledge, schools across our country are endeavoring towards change.

Thus, after having done a considerable amount of research and analysis on some of the best schools in our country, we have tried to lay equal spotlights on schools, who have outperformed on various factors when compared to their peers, in the academic year of 2022-23. Factors like academic excellence, infrastructural amenities, IT infrastructure, mentor-mentee importance, parent involvement, and so on, were considered during the process of shortlisting the schools, and thus only the best have made it to the list. 

This edition will have a title – “Outstanding Schools of the Year 2022”, where we act as guides to parents and students alike, who are looking forward to picking the right school, for a complete schooling experience. Also, this edition would serve as a platform for schools to showcase their contribution towards society, by giving out independent, socially responsible citizens of our country, ready to take their respective spots in this huge world outside. 


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