Innovative Engineering College of the Year 2022

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Technology is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly. But, engineering in terms of an Indian Student is all about mugging up, being the topper and getting placed. People contemplate about issues, and they claim that ‘The Indian Education System’ is the reason for this, which unequivocally is wrong. The quality of engineering studies offered to the students has to be a significant concern. Even though engineering consists of fascinating subjects, the teaching and the interest levels put in by the teachers and the management convert it into a dull and boring stream. An engineering college/institute must change the way everything works and not work by the way everything does. The real idea of Engineering must be to be preached so that engineering isn’t something you pick up, but something which defines a way of life.

With the world progressing each day towards new careers, new professions, and new ideas, and, in the pursuit of getting an academic boost and a platform to help showcase their excellence, several young minds compete hard to get into eminent engineering colleges each year. However, with the rapid mushrooming of tech institutes and colleges, it has become quite troublesome for the students and parents to choose the right college which will stand up to their expectations and provide a good return on their investment of both time and money. Hence, to ease this process of selecting the appropriate and ideal engineering college/institute, we at the Academic Insights have come up with a list of institutes as “Innovative Engineering College of the Year 2023”. This list comprises only the handful of the institutes which offer exceptional engineering education to generate professionals imbibed with real-world experience and desired skills.

Each institute has been hand-picked by our panel of experts who have put explicit stress on selecting only the best and second to none engineering institutes of the country. Before the final selection, the board has spent sizable time in researching and analysing each institute precisely, basically following four parameters, viz. Academic Excellence, Infrastructure-Facilities, Industry-Interface, and Placements. We ardently believe that going through the institutes that we have featured here will help the students in finding their right call and achieve a productive and blissful future. Whether they envision starting their entrepreneurial journey or get a foot into professional life, the institutes listed here promise to provide everything a budding engineering aspirant of the 21st century dreams about.

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